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vacation propertyReal Estate Expert Ilyce Glink’s article, “

Renting Your Vacation Property? Here are Nine Things You Need to Know,”  offers practical advice for those who are taking advantage of the struggling real estate market to buy discounted properties in prime vacation destinations.

The article, which appears on the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog, primarily focuses on marketing rental properties. As someone whose extended vacation family includes an elderly grandmother whose knees don’t work so well and a mother with multiple sclerosis, I’d like to add a request. Will you please remember people with different abilities?

“Different abilities” also refers to temporary situations families experience – the high school football player with the broken leg, the family with a baby stroller, the person who’s putting off knee replacement surgery. Some families don’t need full handicap accessibility or universal design, but it’s helpful to know ahead of time about options that make getting into and around a vacation property more convenient.

For example, in mountain properties where vacation homes are often several levels, knowing ahead of time if there’s a bedroom and full bath on the main level could make the difference in choosing the home for rental or looking elsewhere. If the main level of the beach townhome is not at ground level, is there an elevator? Can you get into the home through a stepless entry?

For people with different abilities, knowing a little about the bathrooms helps, too. Easy step-in showers, showers with benches and comfort height toilets are nice to have and to know about ahead of time.

Glink’s article on the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog lists many more considerations when marketing your vacation rental. If you have more ideas nice-to-have options for people with different abilities, let us hear about it here.

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