If a Tornado Is Coming, Be Sure to Grab Your Matching Rain Gear and Insurance Documents

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homeowners insuranceWhere tornados are prone to strike, most people know the safest places to go in their homes should the sirens sound. But there are those who, if they go to bed knowing that tornado weather may come during the night, will go ahead and coordinate clothes with the raincoat they’ll wear and umbrella they’ll use if the event occurs. It may take an extra moment to make it to the safe place, but they’ll look nice if the tv cameras come.

This is a true description – I personally know more than one of these people.

After reading “

Natural Disaster Insurance Claims: What To Do When a Natural Disaster Strikes”  by Linda Rey, I plan to ask them if they’ve prepared for the REALLY important things they need in case of disaster. In her

Equifax Personal Finance Blog post, Rey reports that more than two-thirds of households have not taken photos or videos of their home and its contents in case of disaster. She goes on to describe ways to document your home and belongings so you’ll be prepared.

The highlights:

Take the time to take those photos and videos (maybe a good summer project for kids).

Prepare a list of insurance policy numbers and emergency contact information for your agent.

Keep documents in a safe, waterproof, fireproof and/or offsite location.

Keep receipts for major purchases.

Rey and the other experts on the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog regularly post articles and provide a place for readers to ask questions. If you want to share stories of things you’ve done to prepare for emergencies, we’d love to hear about them here.

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