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Kolter Homes caters to the active adult segment, revealing the latest home design trends at Cresswind at Spring Haven, its newest development in Newnan, Ga. Mandy Cornelison, the community’s Design Consultant, provides a deep dive into the evolving tastes of active adults who prioritize vibrant, low-maintenance living spaces.

“Active adults today are seeking lifestyles that emphasize ease and enjoyment, moving away from high-maintenance homes to embrace activities like pickleball, social clubs and live music events,” says Cornelison. This lifestyle shift has directly influenced home design trends.

Kolter Homes identifies these primary trends among active adult buyers:

Efficient, low-maintenance living. With a desire to spend more time outdoors and engage in activities, active adults prefer homes that are easy to maintain. Cornelison notes, “Homeowners are looking to reduce time spent on chores.” Preferences have shifted towards quartz countertops and laminate flooring for their maintenance ease and durability over traditional materials like granite and hardwood.

A blend of old and new. The trend of mixing contemporary furniture with distinctive antique pieces celebrates individuality, allowing homeowners to create spaces that reflect a mixture of modern and traditional styles. Cornelison points out, “There’s a renewed appreciation for combining different eras in home design, offering the freedom to personalize.”

Textures and patterns. Adding variety through textures and patterns, whether in tile work, wall treatments, or unique furniture, introduces depth and character. These design elements transform a room’s atmosphere from the comfort of plush rugs to the texture of stone walls. Patterns also play a crucial role in adding visual interest and breaking up monotony.

Shifts in color preferences. Warmer, earthy tones are replacing cooler grays, with taupe, olive and blues becoming more popular. These hues create a welcoming, calming interior that reflects the natural environment.

Focus on entertaining. Active adults prioritize spaces for entertaining, valuing open floor plans and spacious kitchens that allow for gatherings with family and friends. The demand for welcoming, functional entertainment areas is high.

Flexibility of space. According to Cornelison, the need for adaptable “catch-all” spaces is on the rise. Spaces serving multiple purposes, such as home offices, gyms, or hobby rooms, are increasingly valuable to active adults.

Cresswind at Spring Haven leads in integrating these design trends, ensuring its homes are aligned with the preferences of contemporary active adults.

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About Cresswind at Spring Haven Cresswind at Spring Haven, developed by Kolter Homes, is a top-tier active adult community in Newnan, Georgia. The community is designed to foster a lifestyle of health, fitness, and social connectivity, offering well-crafted homes, resort-like amenities, and a dynamic social scene for adults aged 55 and older.

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