Owners of active adult real estate will be watching the economy closely this year, as always. The difference for 2011? Early signs of increases in consumer confidence could signal that now is the time to get back into the buying and selling game.

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Equifax Personal Finance Blog, credit experts recently posted a list of signs they’re hoping to see in 2011. These include a return to traditional financial behaviors, more credit originations and the return of higher consumer spending, among others.

While the Equifax experts said these are things they’ll be watching in the coming 12 months, a separate article from The Center for Media Research shows that at least some of these signs are already appearing. Citing the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker, the Center reported that more than half of adults are planning to spend more or the same in 2011 as they did last year. Furthermore, savings rates are expected to fall back closer to traditional levels.

Another result that may not look good for Equifax’s “more credit originations” category is that 14 percent of American Express’s online survey respondents set a goal of buying only what they can afford. Of course, those New Year’s resolution-style goals often fall by the wayside pretty early in the year, so there’s still hope.

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Credit Recovery in 2011: 10 Things to Watch for in Credit Market Trends,” the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog is filled with statistics related to real estate, credit, taxes, insurance and retirement savings. Check it out now to see the other trends experts are watching and visit often to see what they uncover in the coming year.

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