Save money by keeping up with your mail
Keep up with your mail and save money that could be lost on penalties

If you’re the type to let your mail add up and only check it every week or so, it may not seem like a big deal to move your mail when you are changing residences. While that relaxed stance may work when you are a fixture, you should definitely change that pattern when you are moving. The Equifax Finance Blog explains why in the article, “

Tell the IRS and Your State When You Move.”

Even when you don’t get notices, the processes behind finances don’t stop. This can be problematic when your notices are catching up to your next residence, or even worse if you receive a notice or bill from one or two homes ago that has finally tracked you down. Getting past due notices from two homes ago can be especially painful due to surprise and penalties which may have added up while the mail was catching up to you.

Even with registering your new address as soon as possible, there are still key reasons to check your accounts at a regular basis. Checking can help protect you from fraud, help you know where your balance stands to avoid debt and save money overall. Being proactive about accounts, from savings accounts to credit cards to taxes, can help you avoid headaches and

save money.

The Equifax Finance Blog has many other tips for how to be smarter when it comes to personal finance. Check back for new ways to save when it comes to credit, insurance, taxes,

retirement and more

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